Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

New Celebration Schedules

From The Desk of the Pastor

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

This weekend at Mary, Mother of Our Savior, our parish will be conducting elections for our Pastoral Council. Please use the election ballot in the pews this weekend to encourage someone to consider serving our parishes in this capacity. The Pastoral Council meets three times in the Fall and four times in the Spring. The parish pastoral council is a consultative body for the pastor. Through reflection, prayer, planning, motivation and support, the parish pastoral council serves the pastor by helping identify and encourage those ministries or services that are needed for the growth of a living parish community, evaluated and implemented on a regular basis. Thus the pastoral council must carefully consider the needs of the faithful and search within the community to recommend to the pastor ideas and means that will adequately respond to these needs.

This responsibility of the parish pastoral council does not diminish the continued mission and responsibility of the parish as a whole. Each baptized parish member remains responsible in his or her own way for the mission of the parish. In this way, the parish pastoral council is an instrument to help the pastor and the parish better discern, clarify, and communicate its responsibilities for proclaiming the Good News. The main objective of the parish pastoral council is “to promote pastoral activity that will help the parish achieve its supreme purpose, the salvation of souls.” The parish council assists the pastor with discerning and achieving the overall good of the parish and its mission. The work is both contemplative and active. With the pastor, the council practices discernment. Through reflection, prayer, planning, setting goals and priorities it responds to the movement of the Holy Spirit in the life of the parish and to the Bishop’s pastoral vision for our diocese.

In action, council members take leadership in the coordination, motivation, support, and evaluation of pastoral activities in the parish. Concerned with the overall pastoral development of the parish, the pastoral council will often serve as liaisons to the various parish groups or coordinate the implementation of specific initiatives at the request of the pastor. Please prayerfully consider who in our family of parishes would be a good candidate for this role of service to our faith community.

Your servant in Christ,

Fr. Jason C. Hage

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!
Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!
Mary, Mother of Our Savior, pray for us!

New Daily Mass Schedule

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

In order to allow our Catholic students at Notre Dame Schools to have more access to the Sacraments on a regular basis, our new daily Mass schedule in the parish is as follows:

  • Monday and Wednesday at 8:15am on the Lourdes campus;
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15am on the Rosary campus.
  • The Recitation of the Most Holy Rosary will take place immediately before daily Mass on both campuses at 7:45am.

Fridays will remain open to accommodate schoolwide Liturgical celebrations, devotions, and funerals.

Annual Priest Convocation

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Father Hage will be attending the annual Priest Convocation for the Diocese of Syracuse, which will take place this year from Monday, September 25th until Wednesday, September 27th.

This annual gathering allows our bishop and his priests to come together for prayer, reflection, and fellowship. This event helps keep our priests united with the bishop and with one another. Please keep our bishops and priests in prayer as they gather for this time of renewal.

Our pastor emeritus, Father Joe, will be celebrating the daily Masses on Tuesday, September 26th and Wednesday, September 27th because all active priests are expected to be in attendance.

Garage Sale and Chicken BBQ

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Saturday, September 30th from 9:00am to 2:00pm

Save the Date for the First Parish Garage Sale and Chicken BBQ!
Details to follow.

Save the Date... The Bishop is Coming!

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Bishop Lucia has graciously offered to celebrate the Rite of Installation of a New Pastor for Father Hage at Mary, Mother of Our Savior!

Please save the date for this very special ceremony when Bishop Lucia will install Father Hage as 9th pastor of our parish family on Sunday, October 1st at the 10:30am Sunday Mass.

All are welcome!!! There will also be an outdoor reception featuring great food and drink immediately following the ceremony. Please join our parish family as we celebrate a new beginning and the opening of a new chapter in the history of our parish community.

Blessing of the Animals

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Father Hage will be offering a Blessing of the Animals in honor of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi on Wednesday, October 4th at 9:00am on the Lourdes campus after the 8:15am daily Mass.

All pets from our parish and school community are cordially invited; they can bring their humans too.

Candlelight Rosary Procession

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Our Lady of the Rosary campus will host an annual Candlelight Rosary Procession in honor of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Father Hage will be leading this year’s Rosary Procession on Thursday, October 5th at 6:30pm on the vigil of Our Lady’s feast day.

The procession will begin in the church and then move to our beautiful outdoor Marian shrine (weather permitting). Please bring your own Rosaries.

Faith Formation

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Registration for Faith Formation has begun. Forms and calendars are on our website. Online registration and payment is also available.

Please note the following:

Elementary Faith Formation for Grades K-6

  • The program for Grades K-6 will return to Notre Dame Elementary School at a new time: 9:30am.
  • These changes will allow families to participate in either the 8:30am or 10:30am.
  • Mass with classes for our children in between.
K-6 Registration Form

Jr. / Sr. High Faith Formation for Grades 7 – 10

  • We are pleased to announce that our parish will join other parishes in the Greater Utica area for an exciting new program for teens in Grades 7-10.
  • This new program will bring flexibility for our teens and their families.
7-10 Registration Form

Calling all Catechists!!

We are putting out a call for catechists and volunteers for our Faith Formation programs.

Grades K-6: We need a second grade/First Communion teacher and assistants Sunday mornings 9:30-10:15 for 12 sessions during the school year. A calendar of dates is available on our website.

Grades 7-10: This year we will join with other parishes in the Greater Utica Area for a new collaborative program for our teens. You may participate by teaching for the entire year or any individual sessions. Each session will have a course topic along with a curriculum for you to follow. All you will need to do is add your personal touch and faith.

Thank you for prayerfully considering joining us.

The calendar is also available on our website.

For additional information, please contact

Sanctuary Memorials

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Monthly Memorials for September

  • The gift of Bread has been given in memory of Theresa Kitlas Jadlowski by Jerry, son.
  • The gift of Wine has been given in memory of Theresa Kitlas Jadlowski by Jerry, son.
  • The gift of Candles has been given in memory of Souls in Purgatory.
  • The Sanctuary Lamps for the week of September 17th is given in memory of Lisa Marie Brown by her parents.

Events and Devotions

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

This Week events:

Wednesday, September 20th:

  • 5:15pm, Holy Hour w/ Solemn Vespers at Lourdes
  • 5:30pm until 6:30pm, Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) at Lourdes

Thursday, September 21st:

  • 7:00pm, Church Choir Practice at Lourdes

Monday, September 25th:

  • 6:00pm, Baptism Prep at Seton Center

Wednesday, September 27th:

  • 5:15pm, Holy Hour w/ Solemn Vespers at Lourdes
  • 5:30pm until 6:30pm, Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) at Lourdes

Thursday, September 28th

  • 11:30am, Christ Child Society at Seton Center
  • 7:00pm, Church Choir Practice at Lourdes

Young Adult Ministry!

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Beginning in October, young adults will gather every first Wednesday of the month for prayer and fellowship.

All young adults (ages 18 to 39) are welcome. Young adults will begin these monthly meetings at the Wednesday Parish Holy Hour when they will pray Vespers, adore the Blessed Sacrament, and have an opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

After the Holy Hour, they will head to The Beer Hub on 2018 Genesee Street around 6:30pm for food and drink.

New Parish Online Calendar

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

We are pleased to announce that we have access to a brand-new parish online calendar. You can view this public calendar on our parish website under the “news & events” section. This calendar will always feature the most up-to-date information on the many happenings in our parish. Check it out!

Online Calendar
If you would like anything added to the parish calendar, please email

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Thursday, June 29, 2023

RCIA or the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is a process offered for those who would like to learn more about the Catholic Faith and those who are interested in becoming Catholic.

If this is you, please call the parish office at (315)724-3155 or email the office at

All Souls Mass

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

This is a call to the Parish of Mary, Mother of Our Savior Parish Church.

If you have lost a loved one this past year and would like your loved one remembered, please join us for a Mass on All Souls Day, Thursday, November 2nd at 6:00pm on the campus of Our Lady of Lourdes Church.

Please contact our Parish Office at (315) 724-3155 with the name of your loved one no later than September 30th.

Thank you.

Newman Outreach for Local Colleges

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Father Hage, with the help of Father Tom Servatius, has secured funding from the diocesan Office of Campus Ministry, to begin an experimental outreach to the college students at Utica University, SUNY Poly, and MVCC.

  • Our parish will now be advertising our 5:00pm Sunday evening Mass at Rosary as the temporary Newman outreach site for the City of Utica.
  • Any college student in the area who would like to participate will be provided a free pizza & wing dinner immediately following the 5:00pm Sunday Mass in the Rosary rectory.

Father Hage’s hope is to provide a dedicated space where college students can begin to gather on a regular basis in the hopes to create a strong core of potential student leaders who could directly assist with outreach to college students in the future. Please help us get the word out to the college students in the area.

If you know of any key contacts at any of the higher ed institutions listed above, please email these contacts to

Chapter 11 Updates

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Chapter 11 process, please email with your questions.

Father Hage will be collating these questions and answering them in the bulletin over the next couple of weeks. He would love to hear from you.

Job Opening

Wednesday, September 13, 2023


  • Full-time.
  • This person would directly support our parish’s current maintenance supervisor.

If interested please call Heather Starsiak in the parish office at (315) 724-3155 or at


Friday, September 23, 2022

Volunteers and Players Wanted for Bingo at the Irish Cultural Center 623 Columbia.

  • St. Utica Doors open at 2pm
  • Games Begin at 4pm

Sponsored by the Hibernians

Notre Dame School News +

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Be a part of something Special!

Enroll Now

Applications are being accepted for the 2023- 2024 school year for all grade levels at Notre Dame Schools.

  • Universal Pre-K----Half or Full Day
  • Montessori Pre-K--Half or Full Day
  • Grades Kdg.-5th
For information, please call Notre Dame Elementary at (315)732-4374.
  • Grades 6th-12th
For information, please call Notre Dame Jr/Sr High at (315) 724-5118.

Financial Assistance Available.

Mohawk Valley Gives Day

Notre Dame Schools provide a quality education in an enriching environment.

Please show your support for Notre Dame Schools on Mohawk Valley Gives Day: Wednesday, September 20th.

The Notre Dame Marian Club: Hall of Fame Dinner

Thursday, October 12, 2023 at Hart Hill Inn.

  • Cash bar opens at 6:00pm
  • Dinner starts at 7:00pm
Tickets at $40/person, call Notre Dame at (315) 724-5118.

Marian Club Inductees:

  • Kathy Quigly and Pat Debbold

Brother More CFX Hall of Fame Inductees:

  • Tony Mauro Class of 1980
  • Ronald Starsiak Class of 1986
  • Chris Ferguson & Nicole Early Class of 1990
  • Carmen Carcone Class of 1991
  • Kevin Green Class of 1993
  • Emily Durr Class 2014

Employment Opportunity

Notre Dame Elementary has an opening for:

  • Custodian, Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 11:00am, 12 Month position.
  • Full time teacher assistant, will work with 3, 4, and 5 year old Pre-K children.
If interested please contact Mrs. Rossi at (315) 732-4374.

Pray For... +

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

If you would like to add a name, please call the Office at (315) 724-3155.

Please pray for:

Arabella Zastrow, Joyce Jennings, A & C. Roberts, Monica Schmadel, Jane, Joe and Sylvia S., Mia Gorczynski, Madison Viggiano, Amy, Christine Williams, Bob V., Teresa Bushinger, Mary Ann Looney, Sr. Lois, Leo James Mastin, Larry Schecter, Maryellen, Judy, Dylan G., Connie M., Lila Burkhard, Amy S., Serena C., Gloria A. Stephen B., Joe Pogle, May M., Laurie H., Gary Werner, Judy Williams, Melissa M, Anna N, Joseph E. Albanese, Courtney S., Grady B. , James Hamer, William Latour, James T. Kane, Beverly Kane, Mary D., Nicole S., Genevieve, Russ B., Krista M., Bertha Nogas, Andre’ Kallay, Patricia Spost, Gayle Heitz, Annette Woroszylo, Josephine Gargash, Joanne G.