Infant Baptism

May God bless you for presenting your child for Baptism in the Catholic Church.

The Ceremonies should be scheduled at least one month in advance.

Godparents and Christian Witnesses

Godparents are more than just special friends or relatives of the child to be baptized. Godparents stand as representative of the Catholic community and act as a special witness to the child of what it means to be a good Catholic.

Being chosen as a godparent for baptism is an honor, for the godparent traditionally becomes a spiritual companion to the one being baptized in a journey of faith.

If you wish to be a Godparent, but is unable to fulfill all the requirements, you can certainly act as “Christian Witness” for a child since you have already been a witness of Christian life and values to them. However, this does not remove the obligation to have a proper Godparent for the child to be baptized.

Prayer of Parents at Baptism

Loving God, you have given me this child. On this baptism day, help me to encourage my child’s faith. Help me to foster faith, growth and responsibility in my child. Help me to teach, to love, to value, to honor our child. But most of all, Lord, help me always to re-member that our child comes from your love.
- Amen.

For more information, please contact:
Karen Hoole
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